Seoul 2016 - Euljiro Industrial Market

It is good to start blogging again. Life and schoolwork has really dampened my mood to write or share anything worthwhile on my site. I think it has been almost a year since my last post. Sure there are instagram and facebook posts but those have their own limitations and they just feel like a quick photo share than anything. 




Since my last post, I could definitely see that my style has changed. It started to veer away from landscape and nature and are now more street related. Landscapes require a lot of time and effort and i also have to meticulously post process each photos. Since time is becoming a more scarce for me these days, I just have to step out of my comfort zone for a bit and shoot street.  



I remember walking past this whole euljiro area but never really explored it until the FIS group photowalk. I found the area rather lost in time when so much things in Seoul are constantly changing. Maybe it won't be too long until it will go into reconstruction and turn into cafes and craft beer shops. 



For those who are wondering, this whole area is located right in between euljiro 3ga and euljiro 4ga. I have a more detailed map made at the end of the blog. But I recommend adventuring into small narrow alleyways until you are surrounded by small bolt and lighting fixture shop. Just follow your camera rather than a map. Although the whole place looks very desolate and rundown, it didn't feel dangerous for me so feel free to stroll around but just be mindful of people working in the shops. 




Not too far off is the huge industrial arcade. From the market, just head towards the cheonggyecheon stream and you will run into this huge hallways filled with small shops. Since I was there on Sunday, most of the shops were closed. I am pretty sure during weekdays they will be busy and somewhat crowded. 




There is also a dry pollock street for those that want cheap Cass beer and Korean beer food. On the weekends (especially Sunday), most of the shops are closed and the whole street becomes empty. I find it rather soothing to know that there is still an area like this when not too far away are busy Myeongdong and Gwanghwamun area. Maybe Seoul truly is "dynamic" as the official tourist slogans state ;) 




This blog is turning more into self reflection than anything at this point. Lately, I been fascinated with taking self reflection shots. It really captures the mood that i was in while roaming around and sometimes that cannot be captured with selfies. 




On a personal side note, I guess overall it was an alright year for me. I had bit of tumultuous moments here and there. But since school work kind of warped my minds around itself, I feel rather an outsider looking into these various events rather than being part of it. In a way, a big blur with no clear beginning or an end.  




Only a month left before the year ends, and i hope i can make one more blog entry before 2017 comes around. Anyhow, I definitely recommend visiting the euljiro industrial market region before they become gentrified. Especially during rainy or snowy weekends when the street is empty and you can just enjoy shooting. BTW, the above photo is this strange "jungle theme" hallway in the euljiro 3rd subway underground walkways. 


Here is a small map I made hopefully it helps :)