Touring around Seoul

Gyeongbokgung is probably most visited palace in all over Korea. Located in the northern part of Seoul, there are many museums and even traditional Korean village nearby. My friend was visiting Seoul for the first time, so naturally I took her to see the palace :) 

When we got there, we were met with hundreds of riot police. Due to Seawolho incident, there are many anti government protests happening all over Korea. Apparently on that day, protesters were meeting up in front of palace for a large anti-government demonstration.
The police were stationed in every corner and back alleyways. There must have been thousands there.. luckily no one got hurt on that night. 

Once inside the palace, we were little bummed out by the weather. It is becoming very difficult to have a good clear sky nowadays.. 
The above is the shot i did of my friend taking photo of the wall art. The rows of columns were real fun to photograph :) dont need a good weather for that. 


Used my samyang fisheyes here :) love that little lens. Fisheyes are just a joy to play around with. For this shot I loved all those alleyways and the view of the palace from the corner. I was little disappointed by lack of good sunlight or clouds but it turned out well with a bit of photoshop magic :)


who wears a suit to a palace? It was strange to find a somewhat "business man" among tourists. 
A little out of focus.. but I really liked that look in his eyes. I am starting see that my Sigma 60mm has a tendency to backfocus alot. 

The best thing about Korean palaces and temples are their colors. :) especially during an overcast., the colors seem to stand out more. 

I don't understand why the pineapple vendor was slicing up his fruits right in front of the riot police. It must have been very frustrating for the cops to stand there under a hot sun staring at the juicy pineapples. 

We went down to Bukchon and Insadong for dinner and drinks afterward. Haven't been in this area for a long time and not much seemed to have changed :)